3 Apr 2013

Exporting Catholic U.S. Pro-Life Movement to Spain: Catholic Witnesses in the Public Square Parish Program Launches at Historical Conference

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Spain is importing a unique "made in the USA" product: the Catholic Pro-Life movement. Speakers from U.S. Catholic pro-life organizations, including mother of 7, Adriana Gonzalez, of Catholic Witnesses in the Public Square, have been invited to give presentations at "The Catholic Church For Life -- Offering Concrete Answers," Conference April 6-14, in Madrid, Spain. This conference marks the Catholic Church taking the reins in a fight for life. Previously, the pro-life leadership has been from local community groups.

Maria José Mansilla, President and Founder of Spei Mater, dedicated to promoting pro-life work in the Church, is organizing this conference with D. Juan Antonio Reig Pla, Bishop of Alcalá of Henares, to show the American model of pro-life Catholic action and to learn how to adapt those models in Spain. The goal, according to Mansilla, is to encourage the pro-life ministry to become a part of paris

h ministries. Up until now defending life has largely been delegated to civic associations, unlike in the United States where every Catholic Diocese has a Respect Life office. 

Adriana Gonzalez, a homeschooling mother from Florida, was invited to share how she created an organization dedicated to protecting life, marriage, and the freedom for parents to raise and educate their children. Gonzalez is the founder of Catholics Called to Witness, who is best known for their Election 2012 Test of Fire video, and its pro-action arm Catholic Witnesses.

Ironically, Gonzalez will launch a new parish program produced by Catholic Witnesses, three-weeks before its Pentecost Sunday launch date here in the U.S. "Catholic Witnesses in the Public Square (CWPS) is about getting the laity involved," she said. "It is designed as a parish-sponsored response to our world where moral principals are being pushed out by moral relativism." Gonzalez says CWPS will reawaken the Christian voice and motivate people to make a difference in the world. 

The four pillars of CWPS are: prayer, education, action, and fellowship. "We want to begin by focusing on prayer. We cannot go anywhere without the Lord sending us," she said. The education portion is a video series featuring prominent Catholic leaders such as Jesuit Biblical Scholar, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., EWTN CEO, Michael Warsaw, and Dan Burke, Executive Director of the National Catholic Regist

er. After they watch the educational video, participants are given discussion questions prompting them to consider an action they can take, pray, and have fellowship.