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1 Jul 2013

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – With very heavy hearts, Human Life International announces the passing today of our dear friend, Magaly Llaguno.

HLI president Father Shenan J. Boquet said the following: “As many knew, last year Magaly suffered a relapse of cancer that was particularly aggressive, leading to her resignation from Human Life International earlier this year so she could focus primarily on her health and treatment. I was just one of many who were struck by her joy and peace even amidst great suffering during this last year. With the various treatments and the pain she was enduring, she continued to send emails and call colleagues to keep them inspired, to translate and share important articles and documents, to stay in the fight with every ounce of energy that she had. Her love and gratitude for her family, as well as her longtime pro-life friends and colleagues was an obvious source of joy.”

1 Jul 2013

Friends Remember Magaly

Submitted by Galsuinda

As those of us who were closest to Magaly mourn her departure from this earth and her welcoming into her Father’s home, we remember her most salient virtues, the result of the grace of God and her ever faithful cooperation with it. Magaly had a holy “stubbornness”, a blessed passion for life, an unstoppable drive to defend the most vulnerable among us (the unborn, the sick and the elderly), a saintly resilience, and an unquenchable perseverance in the face of the most incredible odds and obstacles. What can I say in a few words? I had the privilege of working side by side with her for almost 20 years. Too many are the anecdotes, too many the inspirations, too many the examples (big and little) that edified me, taught me and made me what I am today as a pro-lifer! Magaly’s death has left indeed a big void in the pro-life world, but we know that we can fill it with the grace God, which will pour out upon us at her request. By words and example, she taught us not only about how to defend life but also the virtues that make that work fruitful unto eternal life. - Adolfo Castaneda, Director of Education for Hispanic Outreach.

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